Year 2024 Secondary School Admissions in the UK

On the 1st of March, families across the UK will discover the results of their secondary school applications on National Offer Day. Those who applied online will receive emails, while others will receive letters in the post.

Out of 2,359 applications, a total of 1,965 students have secured a place at their top-choice school for the upcoming academic year. This year, an impressive 92% of students have received an offer for either their first or second-choice school.

In a special arrangement for the 2024 intake, parents had the opportunity to apply for places at the newly established Star Academy Radcliffe. A total of 164 parents have applied for a place at this new school, which will welcome its first students in September.

All parents will receive their offers on the 1st of March, with those who applied to Star Radcliffe receiving an additional offer from the school. Councillor Lucy Smith, who oversees children and young people, expressed her excitement for the students who will be starting their secondary education journey.

The breakdown of secondary school offers for both the 2023 and 2024 intakes is detailed below:

Secondary School Offer 2024:
– 2nd preference offered – 210 (8.9%)
– Alternative offered – 130 (5.5%)

Secondary School Offers 2023:
– 1st preference offered – 2051 (85.2%)
– 2nd preference offered – 196 (8.1%)
– 3rd preference offered – 39 (1.6%)
– 4th preference offered – 1 (0.1%)
– 5th preference offered – 3 (0.1%)
– Alternative offered – 118 (4.9%)

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