Week of Innovation in the Public Sector for Digital Leaders

In a statement from Councillor Nazia Rehman, who oversees finance, resources, and transformation, it was highlighted how digital technologies are becoming more vital in our daily lives. The council is dedicated to exploring new ways to utilise digital advancements for the benefit of residents. From 5G to artificial intelligence, technology is constantly evolving, providing new opportunities for everyone to be a part of this digital age.

The council’s digital strategy focuses on ensuring fairness and inclusivity for all residents. One of the key achievements in the past year is the growth of the digital inclusion program. The Digital Wigan TechMates offer support to residents in using technology for various tasks, such as shopping, banking, and staying connected with others.

TechMate Tea Parties, where residents can seek digital assistance, are held at multiple locations across the borough. The Digital Communities Partnership, consisting of local organisations, offers digital support and learning opportunities for people from all backgrounds. These initiatives have been successful in bridging the digital divide and have led to Wigan playing a leading role in the GMCA Digital Champions Network.

The council also provides free data to low-income households through the Databank and offers tablet lending services for digitally excluded adults. Plans are in place to use VR technologies for health and wellbeing support, as well as exploring the use of generative AI to enhance the work of council staff.

The launch of the Participate platform has improved community engagement, with over 13,000 unique visitors since its inception. Other digital initiatives include the Our Town Directory, My Account resident portal, and transferring paper processes to digital platforms for greater efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Overall, the council is proud to be at the forefront of digital transformation, with endless possibilities to improve the lives of residents through innovative technology.

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