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University staff and scholars acknowledged in New Year Honours 2024

Two professors from the University of Manchester have been recognized in the King’s 2024 New Year Honours List. Professor Danielle George has been appointed a CBE for her contributions to Engineering, while Professor Joyce Ann Tyldesley has received an OBE for her work in Egyptology and Heritage. They are among 1,227 individuals across the country who have been honored for their contributions to society, community, or their respective fields of work.

Danielle George, a Professor of Radio Frequency Engineering and Associate Vice President at the University, has been recognized for her dedication to solving one of the 21st century’s 14 world engineering grand challenges: engineering the tools for scientific discovery. Her research focuses on developing top-notch ultra-low noise receivers for space and aerospace applications. In addition to her academic roles, Danielle is also actively involved in raising public awareness of the positive impact of engineering and science on everyday life.

Joyce Tyldesley, a Professor of Egyptology in the Department of Classics, Ancient History, Archaeology, and Egyptology, is known for her expertise in distance-learning Egyptology, Egyptian historiography, and the role of women in ancient Egypt. She is currently engaged in a research project called “Iron from the Sky,” which investigates the use of meteorite iron in ancient Egypt. Joyce’s passion for outreach is evident through her numerous publications on ancient Egypt, including books tied to television programs and her award-winning book on Tutankhamen.

Both professors have made significant contributions to their respective fields and have been rightfully recognized for their outstanding work in advancing knowledge and understanding.

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