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University of Manchester Unveiled as Esteemed Collaborator for the Manchester Digital Skills Festival

In the heart of Greater Manchester, the digital and tech sector takes the spotlight every February as Manchester Digital hosts the Digital Skills Festival. This week-long celebration is a chance to showcase the region’s achievements, address the challenges it faces, and build valuable connections to overcome them.

The University of Manchester is proud to be an education partner for the 2024 festival. During this time, the university is collaborating closely with businesses, partners, and training providers to enhance its professional learning and digital skills offerings.

Running from the 5th to the 9th of February 2024, the festival will take place at various venues across Manchester, with each day focusing on a different theme such as talent, professional development, and apprenticeships. Alongside participating in the event, the University will highlight the opportunities available for both businesses and individuals in terms of collaboration, study, and professional growth.

Specific activities include supporting CV clinics on Talent Day, hosting industry insights sessions for schools and colleges, and attending a dedicated educators’ industry insights Professional Development Day session.

This event emphasizes the importance of flexible learning and serves as a platform to showcase that lifelong and flexible learning are integral to the University’s Our Future Strategy. The University aims to provide inclusive and accessible education, acting as a lifelong learning partner.

Professor Danielle George, Associate Vice-President for Blended and Flexible Learning, expressed the University of Manchester’s excitement about joining as an educational sponsor for the Manchester Digital Skills Festival. The university is committed to delivering pathways that support learners throughout their entire lives and is working with partners to create innovative programs that meet their needs.

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