Troublesome renter removed after authorities take action

Wigan Council has successfully removed a troublesome tenant from their property, located at 113 Wellfield Road in Beech Hill, due to ongoing issues of anti-social behaviour. The council’s Community Resilience Team had previously imposed restrictions on the tenant, but the situation continued to escalate, leading to the decision to seek possession orders and ultimately evict the tenant.

Councillor Dane Anderton, responsible for police, crime, and civil contingencies, expressed that while eviction is always a last resort, the behaviour exhibited by the tenant was unacceptable and had a detrimental impact on the local community. A closure order was put in place to restrict access to the property, but the tenant continued to violate the terms, leading to the eviction.

Anderton praised the efforts of the Community Resilience Team and assured residents that the council, in collaboration with Greater Manchester Police, will work to maintain safe and resilient communities. With a high demand for housing in Wigan, the council emphasised that tenants must adhere to their tenancy agreements and behave appropriately.

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