Trafford’s plea for equitable funding receives resounding backing in local council motion

During a recent meeting of Trafford Council, the majority of Councillors expressed their support for a motion urging the government to provide the borough with a more equitable funding deal. The Institute for Fiscal Studies has identified Trafford as the least funded local authority compared to 150 similar authorities, resulting in an annual shortfall of £11 million on average. This motion highlights that Trafford is among the 20 worst funded councils in the country, with council tax levels that are the second lowest in Greater Manchester. Over the years, Trafford has faced a significant 60% reduction in its budget and has had to close budget gaps amounting to £288 million. Council leader Cllr Tom Ross emphasized the need for the government to review the local government funding system, which affects councils across different political backgrounds. The motion also acknowledges that Trafford is one of many councils struggling to maintain current services. A survey revealed that almost one in five council leaders and chief executives believe it is likely that they will have to issue a section 114 notice, effectively declaring bankruptcy. While Trafford is not in this dire situation, setting a budget for the next financial year remains a challenge. Cllr Ross emphasized the importance of providing proper support to the most vulnerable members of society, urging the government to provide fair funding. The motion also calls on Trafford MPs and Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham to continue supporting the campaign and publicly urging the government to deliver a fair funding settlement for Trafford.

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