Trafford families rejoice as vitamins become accessible, giving a much-needed boost to little ones

Families in Trafford can now access vitamins through the Healthy Start initiative.

In an effort to support families and provide them with the best start in life, Trafford Council has set up two Early Help Hubs in Stretford and Partington. These hubs are distributing vitamin drops and tablets to eligible individuals under the Healthy Start scheme. For those who don’t qualify, the vitamins will be available at a reduced cost, much cheaper than retail prices.

The Healthy Start scheme is a nationwide program aimed at improving access to nutritious food, enhancing diets, and alleviating financial pressure on low-income families.

Studies have shown that Healthy Start goes beyond financial assistance. Women who have enrolled in the scheme reported that it has prompted them to consider their health and diet more seriously, resulting in better eating choices.

Councillor Jane Slater, Executive Member for Health and Care at Trafford Council, commented:

“Vitamins are essential for the growth, development, and immune systems of babies.

“It is recommended that all children between the ages of six months and five years receive vitamin drops. However, the cost can deter families from purchasing them.

“By distributing them through the Early Help Hubs, we are providing parents with assistance so that their children can thrive and have the best start in life.”

The vitamins are provided in an eight-week supply, suitable for vegetarians and those on halal diets, and are free from milk, egg, gluten, soya, and peanut residues.

Eligible families enrolled in the Healthy Start scheme can obtain their free supply by presenting their Healthy Start card at the reception. For families who do not qualify, children’s vitamin drops are priced at £2 at the hubs, while women’s vitamin tablets cost £1. This is significantly cheaper than the prices in retail stores, which are £4.29 and £4.99 respectively.

For more information about the Early Help Hubs, please visit the Trafford Directory website.

To determine your eligibility for Healthy Start or to apply, please visit the NHS website.

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