Trafford Council’s budget gets the green light

Councillors in Trafford Council have come to an agreement on this year’s budget during a meeting. Council leader Cllr Tom Ross described it as the most challenging budget the Council has ever had to set, largely due to significant cuts in funding from the central government in recent years.

The budget will see investments in schools, roads, towns, leisure centres, pupils with special needs, and vulnerable adults through multi-million-pound spending plans. Cllr Ross expressed his satisfaction that the borough can still be served, particularly focusing on the most vulnerable individuals. However, he highlighted that more could be done with fairer funding.

The proposed budget includes a 2.99% increase in the Council’s share of council tax, along with an additional 2% rise in the social care precept in line with government expectations. The Council has allocated a revenue budget of £217.83m for 2024-25 spending and a capital budget of £154.56m over the next three years. Cllr Ross emphasized the importance of using capital spending for long-term investments and not to supplement day-to-day expenses.

He also stressed the need for fairer funding for residents, indicating that without it, the Council will need to make further cuts of over 13% in the next two years. As more people require support, the Council is determined to advocate for fair funding to provide the best services and assistance to the community.

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