The Disgusting Behavior of The Postman Shocked In Bury

A postman from Royal Mail shocked everyone with his behaviour in Bury. The postman who didn’t recognize that he was being filmed, blow his nose onto a doorstep in Bury.

The people who own the house said that they were shocked in those coronavirus pandemic times. The postman didn’t realize that the house has a camera for security. On Thursday 3 December, the camera caught the disgusting behaviour of the postman that he blows his nose towards the doorstep in Bury.

The homeowner shared the videos of the man and said: “I was disgusted, especially with a pandemic but it’s disgusting to do it anyway.”

After Royal Mail learned the situation, they apologized to the homeowner and made an announcement. They said that” Royal Mail expects the highest standards of behaviour… this is completely unacceptable.”

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