Take responsibility for your furry companions’ mess!

Dog owners are being cautioned to tidy up after their four-legged companions or face a £100 fine.

A dog control Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) is currently in effect throughout Wigan Borough, as part of the council’s Keep It Clean campaign which aims to maintain an environment that instils pride in everyone.

The order has implemented several regulations, including the requirement to present poop bags upon request by enforcement officers and a restriction on the number of dogs that can be walked simultaneously.

Councillor Paul Prescott, cabinet portfolio holder for environment, stated: “We acknowledge that the majority of dog owners are responsible and conscientious in cleaning up after their pets, but unfortunately, there is a small minority that causes significant issues.

“Our officers have been actively engaging with dog owners in local parks, educating them about this PSPO. It encompasses not only the collection of dog excrement but also mandates that all dog walkers must carry poop bags or an alternative method for disposing of it properly.”

This PSPO, effective until March 2025, includes the following:

  • Clearing up after your dog and presenting poop bags when requested
  • Walking no more than four dogs simultaneously
  • Keeping dogs on a leash in cemeteries and crematoria
  • Prohibiting dogs from entering enclosed play areas, fenced sports pitches, and marked sports pitches during specified times

Coun Prescott further added: “Neglecting to clean up after your dog is not only an offence punishable by a £100 fine, but it also poses a genuine hazard. Dog excrement contains bacteria and germs that can be harmful, particularly to young children who may come into contact with it while in a park. Additionally, due to the composition of their diet, it takes a substantial amount of time for it to decompose.

“We are always keen to collaborate with our residents to create a borough that we can all take pride in living and working in. However, we will not hesitate to enforce consequences against the small minority that spoils it for everyone else.”

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