Success of initiative combating violence against women and young girls celebrated

A groundbreaking initiative aimed at addressing violence against women and young girls in North Trafford has proven to be a triumph.

Known as the Right to the Streets project, it was funded by the Home Office and launched in September 2022 by Greater Manchester Moving. The project reached its completion in September 2023.

The Safer Streets Fund, provided by the Home Office, granted £490,448 to GreaterSport, in collaboration with Trafford Council, to enhance the safety of women and girls by combating gender-based violence and harassment. A portion of the funding was allocated to community groups in Stretford, Gorse Hill, and Old Trafford. These areas were selected due to a significant number of recorded assaults against women in 2021 near the Bridgewater canal.

Trafford Council, along with partners such as GreaterSport, Open Data Manchester, Diva Creative, and MIC Media, launched an extensive media campaign to raise awareness about this issue. Their efforts have made a tangible difference in the lives of young women who face the threat of violence.

The project placed great importance on consulting individuals who have experienced these issues firsthand. Additionally, local communities played a vital role in the project, with a total of 44 local events taking place throughout the summer.

During a meeting on Monday, January 29, the Council’s Executive members were informed about the project’s success.

Councillor Rose Thompson, Trafford Council’s Executive Member for Communities and Safety, commented on the importance of ensuring the safety and security of women and young girls within their communities. She expressed her delight in reporting that the Right to the Streets project achieved tremendous success. This was made possible through an impactful media campaign, as well as the involvement and intervention of the local community. Councillor Thompson extended her gratitude to everyone involved in this remarkable project, stating that they should be incredibly proud of their achievements.

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