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Study shows most women face harassment while jogging

A study conducted by Dr Caroline Miles and Professor Rose Broad from The University of Manchester has revealed that over two-thirds of women have experienced abuse while out running in Greater Manchester and Merseyside.

The research found that threats, verbal abuse, flashing, physical and sexual assaults, and objects being thrown at women were all common occurrences while they were out running. Despite this, 95% of women who experienced abuse did not report it to the police, citing reasons such as normalisation of abuse, doubts over police interest, and not wanting to waste police time.

The study also showed that 82% of women worry about their personal safety while running, leading them to take various measures such as carrying keys for self-defense, wearing reflective clothing, and using personal alarms.

Dr Broad commented on the importance of the research, highlighting the need to address the hidden issue of gender-based violence against women runners. The researchers are now planning a further project to work with boys and men to challenge the attitudes that contribute to this form of abuse.

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