Store Forced to Close in Wigan Borough for Illegally Selling Vapes to Children

A store in Wigan has been ordered to close for three months as part of a broader crackdown on the illegal sale of vapes to children in the borough.

Traders Corner, located at 22 Mesnes Street, Wigan, received the closure order from Tameside Magistrates Court last week.

The action was taken by Wigan Council, with the support of Greater Manchester Police, in response to the store persistently selling e-cigarettes to underage children.

There is growing concern nationwide about the marketing of e-cigarettes to teenagers who do not smoke, rather than focusing on adults trying to quit smoking.

A recent survey by Trading Standards North West revealed a significant increase in young people using vapes, with 14 per cent reporting vaping more than once a week, compared to six per cent in 2020.

In July, elected members voted in favor of a motion to back Trading Standards in their efforts to clamp down on the illegal sale of vapes to children.

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