Six Town Housing returns to being managed in-house

Bury Council has officially taken on the responsibility of managing and maintaining its 7,700 council homes throughout the borough. This transfer includes the staff and services previously provided by Six Town Housing. As of today, the council will now oversee services such as repairs and grounds maintenance. The aim of this change is to create a more integrated approach, connecting housing services with other essential council services that residents depend on. In addition, more services will be made available online, and tenants will have a greater say in housing matters. The council will collaborate with tenant associations and other groups to enhance estates and communal areas, addressing issues of anti-social behavior and neighbor disputes. Clear plans will be implemented to improve properties, including increasing energy efficiency and establishing timelines for repairs and adaptations. Tenants will still be able to use the same phone number, email addresses, and online services for housing management support. Email responses will now come from a Bury Council address (bury.gov.uk), and the housing inquiries email address has already been changed to [email protected]. Tenants can access their account and online information at www.sixtownhousing.org. From 1 February, the BuryCouncilHousingService will be the new home for Facebook and Instagram. Staff members will wear Bury Council ID badges, while changes to branding on vehicles and building signage will be implemented gradually to minimize additional costs.

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