Silencing the Violence: A groundbreaking new film debuts at Reel cinema

A thought-provoking film, commissioned by the Rochdale Safer Communities Partnership, has been created by local young people in collaboration with the council’s youth justice team. Filmed by Breaking Barriers and producer Nick Farrimond, the premiere of “Silence the Violence” drew a full house at Reel Cinema. Among the audience were the Mayor and Mayoress of Rochdale, as well as the families of the young individuals involved in the film’s production.

This unique film showcases the personal reflections of young people and how their perspectives on knife crime have transformed. It includes an interview with a former offender, who candidly expresses his regret over the choices he made in life. Additionally, the late MP Sir Tony Lloyd, an advocate for youth and vulnerable individuals, is featured in an interview, with his commitments in the film now being taken forward by Councillor Janet Emsley, the joint deputy leader and cabinet member for equity, safety, and reform.

Councillor Emsley expressed her intentions to act upon the impactful commitments made by Sir Tony Lloyd and spread the film’s message far and wide. She commended the efforts of Ariful, Emily, Hamsa, Richard, and Muheen, the young producers and stars of “Silence the Violence,” who represent the voices of over 1,300 individuals who participated in the knife crime survey that contributed to the film’s creation. The film will be screened in schools throughout the borough and can also be viewed on the council’s YouTube channel.

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