Share your thoughts on a Bury biodiversity plan: Make your voice heard!

The Bury Council is in the process of creating their inaugural biodiversity strategy for the borough and is keen to hear the opinions of local residents. The proposals are now open for public consultation and will remain so until 20 February. The strategy aims to address the current state of biodiversity in Bury and explore ways to protect and enhance it. For those interested in reading the draft strategy, it is available at https://www.bury.gov.uk/planning-building-control/policy-and-projects/planning-policy/biodiversity-strategy-consultation, where you can also provide feedback. Once the consultation period concludes, all comments will be carefully reviewed, and an updated report will be presented to the council’s cabinet in the spring. Councillor Alan Quinn, the cabinet member responsible for the environment, climate change, and operations, emphasized the importance of the natural environment for our wellbeing, flood prevention, and air quality. He acknowledged that while the natural environment faces challenges, there are also opportunities, such as the potential return of otters and beavers. He also highlighted the council’s efforts in combating issues like invasive species and diseases threatening trees, through collaborative initiatives with local organizations like the Wildlife Trust and City of Trees. This biodiversity strategy marks an important milestone for the council, as they strive to make a meaningful impact in preserving and enhancing the natural world we share.

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