Proactive Approach Boosts Wellbeing of Local Residents

Hundreds of residents in Wigan Borough have received extra support due to the proactive efforts of Wigan Council and its partners in response to the cost-of-living crisis. Wigan Council’s welfare teams have been working together to identify eligible residents who have not yet claimed benefits as part of their Here for You cost of living campaign. This approach aims to remove any barriers to claiming and support the welfare of Wigan Borough. Since its launch in June 2023, the project has resulted in an additional £1.1 million in previously unclaimed benefits. The success of the project has led to its nomination for a national award, recognizing its impact. Councillor Susan Gambles, cabinet member for welfare, expressed gratitude towards the staff for their hard work in ensuring that residents receive what they are entitled to during these challenging times. She also emphasized the council’s commitment to helping residents maximize their benefits and offered assistance and advice through various teams across the borough. It is estimated that there is £8.8 million of unclaimed Pension Credit in Wigan Borough, along with other unclaimed benefits. The project has been shortlisted for an iNetwork Innovation Award in the iStandUK category, which acknowledges innovative and successful use of data and information standards by public sector organizations to enhance services. The winners of the award will be announced on Thursday, 7th March 2024. To learn about the available support, please visit the Here for You web pages, email [email protected], or contact the team at 01942 705221.

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