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Police taking swift action to ensure lockdown protocols are followed

Serious fines being imposed on anyone who breaches lockdown

It appears some people in the Greater Manchester area are ignoring the restrictions imposed by police. In the first weekend in August Greater Manchester Police (GMP) said they got close to 900 calls to do with COVID19, with nearly 750 house parties or other gatherings.

That’s a significant bump from the weekend before when there were only 44 calls concerning COVID.

Ian Pilling, the Deputy Chief Constable for the GMP says: “It’s incredibly important we continue to take (coronavirus) seriously”. Pilling goes on to say that he understands the new restrictions are disheartening.

The new rules which took effect on August 6, means people from different households can’t meet in homes or private gardens.

The rules also urge members of two different households not to mix in pubs or restaurants, though individual households can still visit those venues.

Anyone caught breaking these laws could be fined anywhere from £100 to £3,200.

The rise in complaints had Pilling none too pleased “Not only does this put significant strain on already stretched resources, but it also poses a huge public health risk” says Pilling.

In conclusion Pilling says “If people flout regulations and demonstrate blatant disregard for the health warnings, this is an offence and we will take action”.

Some areas of Greater Manchester have seen major increases in the amount of new coronavirus cases.

The town of Bury almost doubled its amount of COVID cases in the past week. According to date the week up to August 5 saw 54 more COVID cases in the community, 23 more than the week before. That means Bury has the fifth highest infection rate among boroughs in Greater Manchester. In front of Bury for infection rates are Tameside, Manchester, Rochdale and leading is Oldham.

On a positive note though new coronavirus deaths were recorded in the past two days in Greater Manchester hospitals.

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