Over £200,000 worth of illegal goods seized

Over the past year, Wigan Council’s trading standards department has made significant progress in combating the sale of illegal and potentially harmful cigarettes, tobacco, and e-cigarettes. Their efforts have resulted in the seizure of a large number of prohibited items.

To be more specific, approximately 110,000 packets of illegal cigarettes and around 14,000 illegal disposable e-cigarettes have been confiscated. These items have an estimated value of £170,000. These seizures have not been limited to one-off instances; rather, they represent a consistent and ongoing effort to protect public health and safety.

One notable case involved a shop situated on Wallgate in Wigan. Despite being previously warned about the illegal sale of vaping products, the shop was caught once again engaging in this activity. As a result, £60,000 worth of illegal stock was seized. This incident serves as a reminder that the council’s trading standards department is actively monitoring and taking action against those who disregard the law.

In addition to actions taken against shops, the Trading Standards Department also collaborated with the Greater Manchester Police in a successful raid on a residential property located on Railway Road in Leigh. This operation resulted in the seizure of around £80,000 worth of illegal tobacco, disposable e-cigarettes, and counterfeit stamps valued at over £30,000. This particular raid stands out as one of the largest seizures of its kind in the Wigan borough, underlining the magnitude of the problem and the commitment of the authorities to address it.

The efforts of Wigan Council’s trading standards department, in partnership with law enforcement agencies, demonstrate the dedication to safeguarding public health and cracking down on illegal activities related to cigarettes, tobacco, and e-cigarettes. Their continued vigilance and enforcement actions send a strong message that such practices will not be tolerated within the community.

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