Over 1,000 coaches flock to Bury Market

Bury Market’s reputation continues to grow, as evidenced by the notable increase in official coach visits. The figures for 2023 reveal that a staggering 1,119 coaches brought eager shoppers to this acclaimed attraction, representing a 15% rise from the previous year. The month of November witnessed the highest footfall, with a remarkable 162 coaches recorded. Furthermore, Wednesday 22nd November emerged as the busiest day, with an impressive convoy of 26 coaches arriving at the market. Councillor Charlotte Morris, the esteemed cabinet member for culture and the economy, expressed her delight, stating, “It comes as no surprise that our renowned Bury Market remains immensely popular. The word has spread far and wide that this is the ultimate destination for unbeatable bargains, a wide range of goods, and a distinctive market ambiance.” Morris further emphasized the significance of preserving the market’s legacy, which dates back to the 1440s. To ensure its enduring appeal for future generations, substantial investments have been made in the existing market, alongside the construction of a state-of-the-art flexi-hall worth millions. Additionally, the traders receive unwavering support during challenging times. This press release was issued on the 16th of January 2024.

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