Oldham resident to appear before Manchester Crown Court on slavery and human trafficking charges

Nelu Nechita, 49, is charged with modern slavery and human trafficking offences.

Oldham resident, Nelu Nechita, is due to appear before Manchester Crown Court on the 17th of September. He is charged with offences involving modern slavery and human trafficking.

This follows his appearance at the Stockport Magistrates’ Court on August 20th. The court charged Nechita with acting as a gangmaster without an appropriate license as well as bringing two Romanian men into the UK.

The Gangmasters and Labour Abuse Authority (GLAA) arrested Nechita, 49, in February 2019. They confirmed that they found ‘seven potential Romanian victims’ of modern slavery at his property.

Nechita is expected to enter a plea and begin trial preparations at his appearance in court.

Human Trafficking Statistics UK

Human trafficking is a difficult crime to measure due to its hidden nature.

According to the 2019 Modern Slavery report, the police recorded 5,059 offences of modern slavery within England and Wales in the year preceding March 2019.

The report claims that the most reliable estimate of modern slavery was in 2014, when it was predicted that there were between 10,000 and13,000 potential victims in the UK.

The report also states that in 2018, modern slavery offenders exploited 52% of adult victims for labour, and 33% sexually. Child victims were exploited 63% and 20% respectively.


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