Millions of pounds set to be poured into enhancing services for children and families

In a marvellous move, Oldham is gearing up to invest millions of pounds in new services for families and children. The expansion of the Family Hubs programme will bring fantastic support to families in the area, with plans to open seven hubs across the borough. These hubs will serve as a one-stop shop for all family-related services, making it easier for families to access the help they need. Services on offer will include baby weigh sessions, midwifery, feeding support, play sessions, and mental health support for new parents.

The decision to extend the Family Hubs programme came after a public consultation with over 600 participants. Following the positive feedback received, the plans are set to be formally approved by Oldham Council’s cabinet committee. Councillor Shaid Mushtaq, Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, expressed gratitude to those who participated in the consultation, stating that the new services will provide better support for families and children.

Existing children’s centres will be transformed into Family Hubs, while some services will be relocated to other community buildings. Additionally, new services will be introduced to further enhance the support available to families. Despite the changes, all existing services will continue to run in communities, ensuring that families receive the help they need.

The first Family Hub at Beever Children’s Centre, which opened last year, has already received positive feedback from the public. Moving forward, families can access early years advice and family activities through the new and improved Family Hubs website. The full proposals and results of the public consultation can be viewed on the Oldham Council website, providing transparency and information to the community.

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