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Marple Gun Incident: What we know so far

Witnesses have reported seeing men with guns in the Marple area. Police discover two 16-year-olds in possession of a 'handgun water pistol'

On her way home this evening, Emily Durr, a Marple resident witnessed two police officers holding guns. She also heard helicopters circling around the area.

Another witness has said that she ‘counted 20 police cars go past [Stockport Road]’.

On Facebook, many Marple residents have expressed that they have seen two men with guns in different areas of the town. Others have stated that these men stole from a convenience store on Stockport road. None of this is officially confirmed. However, reports are consistent with the following information:

  • There are two men in the Marple area with handguns.
  • These men are approaching teenage girls, with the gun visible.
  • Helicopters are circling the area and there are lots of police responding to the incident.

Chris Paul, via Facebook, has warned residents of the incident. He says that two men allegedly approached a Marple resident’s 14-year-old daughter with a gun. According to this post, one of the men spoke to the girl while loading the handgun: ‘my mate’s 22 and he fancies you.’ The girl’s mother stated that she had informed the police, but they were already aware of the men.

Emily states that her friend has said two men have been arrested on Woodville road. This has not been officially confirmed.

More information to follow.

Update Midday, 20/11/2020:

GMP Marple & Hazel Grove have confirmed via Facebook that two suspects were found in possession of a ‘handgun water pistol’. These products seem realistic enough to cause fear.

‘An extensive area search was conducted, with the support of an Armed Response Unit, and two 16 year old boys were located and found to be in possession of a black handgun water pistol.’

Police confirm that ‘both were interviewed at Cheadle Heath Police Station, and have been released pending further enquiries’.


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  1. A few of my friends have sent me this and questioned “the girls father”. Please can you change that bit to mother as my daughters father isn’t and hasn’t been in her life for a long time for good reason. It already making people who know I wrote it question it and although my daughter has lots of time and activity restrictions on line pretty much no other teenagers do and if she is shown it and sees “the girls FATHER” it’s a trigger for her. Many thanks xx

    1. Hi Lydia,

      I am very sorry for any confusion and upset that may have caused you. The article has been edited. Thank you

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