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Manchester University to Host Inaugural ASA Public Anthropology Festival

The Association of Social Anthropologists in the UK (ASA) has selected The University of Manchester as the host for its first-ever anthropology festival. Scheduled to take place from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 April, PeopleFest: Public Anthropology Festival 2024 is a significant event coinciding with the 75th anniversary of the University of Manchester Social Anthropology Department.

This festival will be a lively celebration of the various aspects of anthropology, aiming to spark curiosity among the public about the fascinating world of culture and society. The programme includes exhibitions, performances, films, book talks, walking tours, and more, all showcasing groundbreaking research in society and culture globally.

A key highlight of the festival will be the work-in-progress performance of See Me/Hear Me, featuring Drag Race UK star Cheddar Gorgeous. This captivating play explores the inner world of a paralysed woman through the lens of drag culture, challenging perceptions of (dis)ability and identity.

Attendees can also enjoy guided walks through Manchester’s streets, learn about the lives of night workers, and engage in discussions with acclaimed artist and filmmaker Jeremy Deller. The festival will also feature the much-anticipated ASA Annual Public Firth Lecture by Professor Alpa Shah, known for her engaging writing on communist guerrillas and democracy in India.

Dr Meghan-Rose Donnelly, Lecturer in Social Anthropology and PeopleFest Engagement Lead, expressed excitement about the diverse range of activities available at the festival. All events are free and open to the public, aligning with the ASA and The University of Manchester Social Anthropology Department’s commitment to making anthropology accessible to all. The aim is to spark curiosity about the discipline and inspire local communities to reimagine academia in new and engaging ways.

For more information and updates on the festival programme, please visit the official PeopleFest website.

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