Local council’s crackdown on match day misconduct in full swing

Trafford Council joined forces with partners in a robust day of action to crack down on offences related to taxi operations, ticketing, and illegal street trading outside Old Trafford on match day.

Teams from the Council’s environmental health, trading standards, licensing, and highways departments worked alongside representatives from Greater Manchester Police and Manchester United on Saturday, 24th February ahead of United’s match against Fulham.

The successful day of action aimed to enhance safety on match days by improving traffic flow, addressing illegal taxi activities, and tackling illegal street trading. Taxi drivers and other motorists were reminded not to block public highways around the stadium, and individuals illegally selling tickets were targeted.

Enforcement action was taken against peddlers and taxi drivers parking illegally to wait for fares, with on-the-spot fines issued as necessary.

Cllr Tom Ross, Leader of Trafford Council, commented, “Manchester United is a globally renowned club, and we take pride in their presence in our borough of Trafford. With around 75,000 fans attending home games at Old Trafford, it is crucial that we ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone, including fans and residents.

“This day of action was established to address various concerns, such as illegal and anti-social parking and street trading. I am pleased to report that the operation was a success, and I extend my gratitude to our officers and partners from Greater Manchester Police and Manchester United for their assistance. We remain committed to supporting Manchester United on any ongoing match day issues.”

A spokesperson for Greater Manchester Police stated, “Last weekend, GMP officers collaborated with the local authority to tackle illegal taxi activities, parking violations, and unauthorized scarf sellers at the Manchester United forecourt during Saturday’s fixture. Officers checked peddlers’ licensing conditions, ensured compliance with regulations, and issued penalties where necessary.

“Illegal parking on roads poses safety risks for pedestrians and other road users, a situation GMP will not tolerate, and we will continue to take enforcement action against it.”

Jim Liggett, Director of Operations at Manchester United, added, “We were pleased to work alongside Trafford Council and Greater Manchester Police during their day of action surrounding our Premier League fixture against Fulham. We are dedicated to supporting local authorities as we collectively strive to minimise any impact that matches at Old Trafford may have on the community surrounding the stadium.”

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