Local council leaders in Wigan Borough embrace the arrival of brand-new IT hub

A fresh IT hub is on its way to Wigan Borough through a collaboration with the local authority, promising a boost in job opportunities. The Wigan Council recently inked a long-term deal with IT provider Agilisys, unveiling plans for a new facility as part of the council’s budget for 2024/25. During a council meeting, Leader Councillor David Molyneux MBE disclosed that the Agilisys Wigan Hub will open doors for roles in the digital technology sector. The exact location of the hub will be confirmed in the coming months.

Councillor Nazia Rehman, in charge of finance, resources, and transformation, highlighted the emphasis on supporting communities and creating prospects within the partnership with Agilisys. The long-standing collaboration has already yielded positive results, including financial aid for grassroots projects and numerous apprenticeship opportunities. The new hub is set to provide long-term opportunities in the fast-growing AI and digital innovation sector.

Moreover, Wigan Council’s civic university agreement, signed last year, ensures that residents can access high-value digital skills through partnerships with educational institutions. The extended partnership with Agilisys, which began in 2013, will see the provider delivering all IT services for the council to support its digital transformation agenda. CEO Andrew Mindenhall expressed excitement about continuing the partnership and establishing a key hub for their expanding AI and Digital business in Wigan.

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