Local authority to reclaim control of property management services

In May 2019, the council formed a partnership with Robertson Facilities Management to oversee and maintain 379 local authority buildings and assets. Due to their successful collaboration, the contract has been extended twice. However, as the current contract period draws to a close in May 2025, the council has decided to explore alternative methods of managing their estate.

The council’s decision to bring the facilities and estates management services back in-house reflects changes in priorities, budgets, and the usage of public buildings. This move will enable the council to be more adaptable to demand and has the potential to create job opportunities and stimulate the local economy for the people and businesses of Bolton.

A representative from Bolton Council expressed gratitude towards Robertson Facilities Management for their exceptional work in maintaining and ensuring the safety of the borough’s buildings for residents, businesses, and visitors. However, the council believes it is essential to regularly review contracts, and they believe now is the opportune time to take control of this service themselves.

The spokesperson further emphasized that this transition will enhance the council’s ability to respond to changes in the utilization of public buildings and other council-owned properties, while also potentially benefiting the local economy.

In response, Robertson Facilities Management expressed their ongoing commitment to maintaining a strong partnership with the council and providing top-notch services and support until the end of the Facilities Management contract in May 2025.

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