Local authority striving to offer diverse housing choices for elderly residents throughout borough

Trafford Council is making good on its promise to provide housing options for older individuals throughout the borough. They have recently released the Trafford’s Older Peoples’ Housing Strategy 2020-2025 report, outlining their efforts to offer a range of high-quality, affordable, and appealing housing options that allow older people to live independently in Trafford.

The report highlights several achievements, including ensuring that registered providers conduct surveys to assess the suitability and condition of existing accommodation for older individuals. Trafford’s Welfare Rights service has also been instrumental in helping over 438 older customers secure grants and benefits to cover fuel expenses. Additionally, Trafford Council has been actively studying the older persons housing market through surveys to better understand needs and demands. The insights gained have been shared with colleagues, and targeted presentations and information sharing will continue in the coming year.

This strategy aligns with Trafford’s main Housing Strategy 2018-2023 and contributes to the priorities outlined in Greater Manchester. Cllr James Wright, Executive Member for Housing and Advice, expressed that the five-year strategy aims to support older people in the housing market. Their focus is on providing suitable housing, care, and support, while also promoting independence and a high quality of life in their own homes. The strategy has already achieved success in various areas, which is fantastic news.

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