Join the Knife Angel Legacy Project and make a difference

Local residents are being encouraged to share their thoughts and stories inspired by the Knife Angel statue, which has recently been placed in Bury town centre.

The Bury Art Museum is leading a project to document the legacy of this monument, which is constructed from 100,000 knives collected from streets across the country to raise awareness about knife crime.

With funding from the UKSPF and in collaboration with Live From Worktown, the museum aims to capture the messages evoked by the statue, allowing people to reflect on and learn from its impact long after it has departed from Bury.

Live From Worktown is a community enterprise that advocates for the involvement of all in local arts, heritage, and culture.

On Tuesday 12th March from 1-3pm and Wednesday 13th March from 1.30-3.30pm, Live from Worktown will be stationed at The Rock to record the reactions of Bury residents to the Knife Angel. Members of the public are encouraged to join the team to view the statue and share their thoughts.

The recordings will be edited with music to create a sound sculpture representing the influence of this remarkable artwork on Bury. This will serve as a keepsake of the Knife Angel’s visit and a resource for schools and community groups to ensure the important message it conveys is not forgotten.

Peter Firth from Live from Worktown expressed his enthusiasm for capturing this significant event for Bury.

Councillor Charlotte Morris, cabinet member for culture, the economy and skills, highlighted the powerful impact of the Knife Angel in illustrating the devastating consequences of carrying a knife.

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