Illuminating the history and prospects of Bury

Bury’s captivating past is set to come alive through a mesmerizing art project that will transport viewers to a world of imagination. Thanks to a prestigious grant from the National Archives Sector, Bury Archives is among the select few chosen to embark on this groundbreaking journey. The generous £5,000 grant will empower two talented local artists, Lee Crocker and Alison Erika Forde, to delve into Bury’s extensive archives and create awe-inspiring digital masterpieces that will showcase the original collections in a whole new light. These remarkable creations will be accessible to the public for free through the innovative BorrowBox platform, which offers a wide selection of eBooks, audiobooks, and emagazines. The project has already commenced, with completion slated for September. Councillor Charlotte Morris, the esteemed cabinet member for culture and the economy, expressed her excitement, stating that this extraordinary initiative will allow the borough to fully embrace its historical treasures and engage with the public in an exhilarating manner. For more information on the talented artists involved in this captivating venture, please visit Lee Crocker’s page on Curated Place and Alison Erika Forde’s website. This press release has been issued by the visionary artist Lee Crocker.

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