Housing delivery has another target-busting year for Wigan Council

Almost 400 affordable homes will have been built in the 12 months to the end of March, as Wigan Council’s pro-active approach is on track to deliver another target-busting year.

A total of 248 new homes have been completed in 2023/24 to date, with a further 140 on schedule to be finished in the final part of the year.

This follows on from a record-breaking year in 2022/23 when more than 500 homes were delivered across the borough.

Wigan Council works alongside registered housing providers, house-builders and organisations such as Homes England, along with its own direct delivery scheme, to boost housing supply and provide affordable options.

Councillor Susan Gambles, cabinet portfolio holder for housing and welfare, told colleagues at the recent meeting of the Full Council that the local authority will surpass its target of more than 300 for this year.

She said: “Delivering affordable housing for Wigan Borough residents is one of our top priorities, either for rent, shared ownership or providing equity loans.

“Our teams work incredibly hard to ensure these projects are good quality and have built up great partnerships. The completion total we’ve reached has been a real achievement and I know we’re on track for similar success in 2024/25.”

Among the locations with completed homes this year are Eldervale and Whitebeam Close in Beech Hill, Brown Street South and Waterside Point in Leigh, the Pemberton Colliery site on Smithy Brook Road and Priory Road in Bryn.

Included within the total for this year are developments where properties are designed to be energy efficient and keep household bills down.

Priory Road in Bryn, for example, is a Passivhaus scheme, where the homes require minimal heating.

Coun Gambles added: “There is a serious housing crisis in the UK with many factors contributing to the current situation.

“However, here in Wigan Borough, we will continue to take a pro-active approach and deliver quality homes that meet our residents’ needs.

“The relationships we have built mean it is a true partnership approach and we’re able to tackle any challenges together to ensure there is a steady flow of quality,  well-designed affordable homes across the borough.”

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