Hospital-Acquired Coronavirus Cases In Oldham And Salford

The number of people who pick up coronavirus while being treated at the hospital is rising. According to the latest figures, hospital-acquired coronavirus cases that are also called “nosocomial cases” are more common in Oldham and Salford anytime before.

Northern Care Alliance(NCA) shared a report on nosocomial cases. According to the data of the report,hospital-acquired cases have occurred at four care organisations that are located in Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, and Salford.

The data of the report showed that Oldham’s care organisation has the highest nosocomial coronavirus cases since November. After Oldham, Salford and Bury have also higher coronavirus cases that are hospital-acquired.

All of the care organisations now are trying to set immediate improvement plans to decrease the number of nosocomial coronavirus infections.

Chief nursing officer Libby McManus told an NCA board meeting: “There is really good strong reliable work happening across our organisation on a daily basis to reduce nosocomial transmission and to ensure our patients are kept safe while in our care.”

“We have had high rates in both Salford and in Oldham and whilst Salford has managed to reduce the number and therefore the rate over time that is proving more difficult for Oldham. Oldham still has a number of transmissions occurring every week and we’re working really really hard to minimise those.”


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