Gallery Oldham exhibition: Wild Colour

Sir David Attenborough’s latest BBC series is currently wowing TV audiences of all ages with its stunning wildlife footage.

Now a range of images that wouldn’t look out of place on Planet Earth 3 are coming to Oldham.

Gallery Oldham’s latest exhibition – Wild Colour – uses beautiful images to examine colour in the animal kingdom.

From the striking blue plumage of the hyacinth macaw to the multicoloured iridescence of a jewel beetle there are a variety of reasons why colour is so important in nature.

Topics covered in this exhibition include how colours such as red, yellow and green affect the way animals live and communicate, and also how patterns and changing colours can be beneficial in the animal world.

Some colouration has evolved to provide protective camouflage.

Other topics explored include biological variations such as the absence of pigment in albinism and the black-form colouration in melanism.

Species used in the photographs to represent these topics include a mandrill, an hourglass treefrog, a scarlet ibis, an oleander hawkmoth caterpillar and a panther chameleon.

Gallery Oldham natural history curator Patricia Francis will give a free tour at 2pm on Wednesday 20 December. It is free and there is no need to book.

Wild Colour, a stunning collection of beautiful images is brought to Gallery Oldham by touring exhibition specialists, Blue Tokay.

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