Free Healthy Start Vitamins in Bury

Healthy Start Vitamins are once again available free of charge for pregnant and breastfeeding people, people with a child under 1 year old, and children under the age of 4, if they are receiving the Healthy Start benefit.

Why you should get your free Healthy Start vitamins

Young children may not get enough vitamin A and D even if they’re eating well. If you’re pregnant or breastfeeding, you may not get enough vitamin C, vitamin D or folic acid.

They do not contain milk, egg, gluten, soya, or peanut residues. They’re suitable for vegetarian and halal diets.

You can get the vitamin tablets while you are pregnant and up to your baby’s first birthday. They contain:

• folic acid

• vitamin C

• vitamin D

Children can take vitamin drops if they:

• have less than 500ml (about one pint) of infant formula a day, as formula already has vitamins added to it.

To find out where and when you can collect your vitamins please visit: https://www.nhs.uk/service-search/other-health-services/healthy-start-vitamins

For individuals not claiming but who are wondering if they can further details are available at:

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