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Fences in University of Manchester Caused the Protests

The students who live in the University of Manchester’s Fallowfield halls of residence made a protest against “prison-like” fencing on their campus.

The students explained that they were not warned about the fencing and measure. After the protest, the university made an announcement and apologized “for the concern caused for fencing”

In the protest, the students said that huge fences that are placed between buildings are placed at some entry and exit points and they became the university into a prison.

Due to the new lockdown in all England, new rules are announced. According to the announcement, the government said to the students staying at their student homes and not to go to their family houses until the end of the term.

University of Manchester’s Fallowfield halls of residence built fences that are 7 ft(2.1) around the halls of residence. But students have been against that new situation. One of the students, Ewan, a first-year literature student express their uncomfortable situation at the protest and said “ “It’s not like living at home, we don’t have a sofa, we have a kitchen and plastic chairs,” he said.

“There’s no way you can relax there. You’re in a completely different city and you do feel lonely there and trapped.”

The university firstly insisted on its new regulations and explained that it was announced to the students earlier and all regulations for the safety of the students. After the protest of the students, the university apologies for the concern that was created and announced the university planned new alternative safety precautions instead of fencing.

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