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Environmental activists unveil new walking trail to tackle air pollution

Ardwick Climate Action, in collaboration with researchers from the University of Manchester, is set to unveil a new green route on 12 March. This initiative aims to provide locals with a safe and eco-friendly alternative to navigating the area, steering clear of the harmful pollution generated by motor vehicles.

Located near Kale Street, the scheme will address the community’s exposure to air pollution, promoting better health and well-being while enhancing public safety away from busy roads. Nine signs along the 15-minute walk will feature QR codes for interactive access to webpages detailing local ecology, plant species, historical information, and community management.

Daniell Musaheb of Ardwick Climate Action expressed gratitude for the project’s partners and the support received, highlighting the importance of community-driven solutions to environmental challenges. The launch event will include lavender planting and discussions on air pollution, road safety, and the significance of green routes in Manchester.

Research conducted since 2022 by ACA and the University of Manchester revealed the impact of pollution on local communities and the barriers to sustainable transportation. Prof. Sheena Cruickshank emphasised the value of community engagement in addressing pollution-related health risks and advocating for safer, greener travel options.

The green route is poised to make a positive difference in residents’ lives by offering a reprieve from traffic and pollution, allowing them to appreciate the biodiversity fostered by ACA’s planting efforts. Ardwick Climate Action’s mission to revitalise and reconnect with nature underscores their commitment to creating educational green spaces for the community.

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