Drive to inspire greater physical activity among individuals on a daily basis

A successful campaign by Trafford Council is urging residents to be more active every day. Trafford Moving, the council’s strategy for sport and activity, is proving effective in encouraging physical activity among residents. According to the latest Active Lives survey by Sport England for 2021-2022, Trafford residents are among the most active in Greater Manchester. The survey, linked to Trafford Moving, shows that a record-breaking 68% of residents in Trafford are currently surpassing the recommended 150+ minutes of activity per week. However, there is still progress to be made as 24% of residents are considered inactive, with only 8% moderately active. This means that out of the 44,000 residents surveyed, 25,000 do not engage in any active exercise, 17,000 do not meet the required activity levels, and 2,000 do not exercise for long enough. The survey also highlights that the most inactive groups are the Black and Asian communities, individuals with limiting illnesses or disabilities, and those in low socio-economic groups. Councillor Cath Hynes, Deputy Leader of the Council and Executive Member for Leisure, Arts, Culture, and Heritage, expressed her delight at the success of the Trafford Moving campaign and emphasized the council’s commitment to promoting physical activity through various initiatives such as joining local sports sessions, attending walking groups, cycling, and participating in activities with Trafford Leisure. The Greater Manchester Combined Authority is also supporting the cause with their GM Moving campaign, which urges people across Trafford and Greater Manchester to engage in physical activity. Their new campaign, “Feel Good Your Way,” also emphasizes the importance of mental health.

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