Date for Rochdale by-election revealed

The by-election was triggered following the tragic passing of Sir Tony Lloyd who sadly died in January 2024.

Nominations for candidates wishing to stand in the election are now open, with a closing deadline of 4pm on Friday, 2 February 2024.

Steve Rumbelow, the returning officer and chief executive of Rochdale Borough Council, stated:

“I will be requesting that all candidates ensure this campaign is conducted with dignity and respect. Political discussion and freedom of speech are crucial, but our residents rightly expect individuals running for public office to demonstrate a sense of responsibility and tolerance for differing opinions. This will be a short and undoubtedly intense campaign, but parties and their supporters should conduct themselves with respect for the area, its people, and each other. With less than a month remaining, I also encourage everyone to ensure they have the necessary requirements to be able to vote. Make your voice heard and use your vote.”

Annual notification letters have been sent to all households this week, providing details of registered voters at each address. Please review the information on your letter and if there are any changes to report, follow the instructions provided.

You must be registered to vote, and if you are not already registered, you can do so in person, by post, or online through a proxy.

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