Creating an age friendly Bury

Bury Council is proud to announce its acceptance into the UK Network of Age Friendly Communities.

It’s a significant milestone in the council’s commitment to creating an inclusive and age-friendly community for its residents in line with the LET’S Do It Strategy.

And to support the status it is working with local businesses to launch the ‘Take a seat’ scheme.

The UK Network is part of a global movement led by the World Health Organisation, dedicated to promoting healthy and active aging, ensuring that older adults can live in environments that support their well-being and participation in society.

By becoming a member of this prestigious network, Bury Council is taking a crucial step towards improving the quality of life for its older residents and fostering a more inclusive, age-friendly environment for everyone. Somewhere that people can stay living in their homes, participate in the activities they value, and contribute to their communities, for as long as possible.

Councillor Tamoor Tariq, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing expressed enthusiasm about this accomplishment, stating, “We are thrilled to be accepted into the WHO Age-Friendly Network. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of creating a community where people of all ages can live fulfilling lives. We look forward to working with the network to implement innovative solutions and make Bury a truly age-friendly place.”

As part of its commitment the council and the Millgate Shopping Centre are working together on an Age Friendly initiative ‘Take a Seat’ which will be launched within the centre on Wednesday 8 May at 11am.

The Age Friendly ‘Take A Seat’ initiative wants more shops and businesses to have a seat available in case an older person needs to catch their breath and rest.

‘Take A Seat’ is about raising awareness of how older people sometimes struggle to get out and about because there isn’t enough seating available for them to rest. To encourage more older people to venture out to their local shops, Age Friendly Bury is helping local businesses to understand the importance of offering a seat to an older person should they need it.

Older people will know that a venue is taking part in the initiative as they will have a ‘We Are Age Friendly’ sticker displayed in their window. People can also find out who is signed up by looking at the ‘Take A Seat’ on The Bury Directory Take a Seat Bury | The Bury Directory

Councillor Tamoor Tariq, Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Health and Wellbeing said: “It’s vital that we help older people stay independent and get out into their local communities. I think it’s great that so many businesses want to be a part of this initiative and I want to thank them as this really does make a difference to the lives of people and helps to reduce loneliness.”

Take A Seat will be rolled out to other areas of Bury over the next six months. If your business is interested, please register online Take a Seat – Business Registration Form | The Bury Directory

Being part of the UK Network marks a significant step forward in Bury’s commitment to building a more inclusive and vibrant community for all its residents, regardless of age. By joining, Bury Council is sending a clear message that older adults are valued members of their community, and their well-being and participation are paramount.

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