Countless residents of Bury left bereft as unclaimed Pension Credit slips through their grasp

Approximately two and a half thousand elderly residents throughout the borough are not receiving the money they are entitled to because they haven’t applied for Pension Credit. In Bury alone, a staggering £5.5 million goes unclaimed each year, with an estimated 2362 eligible individuals aged 66 and above failing to make a claim. This in turn costs the health and social care system an additional £14 million across the borough.

Pension Credit serves as a supplement, ensuring a minimum weekly income of £201.05 for single pensioners or £306.85 for couples. Even if you own your home or have savings, you may still be eligible to claim Pension Credit if you are over the State Pension Age (66) and your weekly income falls below £201.05 or £306.85 if you have a partner living with you.

Furthermore, claiming Pension Credit can provide access to additional benefits, including assistance with living costs, heating expenses, rent and Council Tax, a free TV licence for those aged 75 or over, and support for NHS services such as dental treatment, glasses, and transportation for hospital appointments.

Even individuals who have not paid National Insurance contributions, have some savings or a small pension, live with their adult children, own their own home, or are still working may still be eligible for Pension Credit.

To determine how much Pension Credit one could receive without disclosing personal information, the Pension Credit calculator can be used.

“Don’t miss out,” urges Councillor Richard Gold, Bury Council’s Cabinet Member for Finance and Communities. “It’s worth checking if you or someone you know qualifies, especially if they are struggling. Changes in circumstances like bereavement, health issues, or disability can make someone newly eligible for Pension Credit. So, even if they have previously applied and were unsuccessful, it’s worth another try.

“Some individuals may feel they can manage without or are hesitant to make a claim, which is why it’s important to discuss eligibility with any family members who may qualify. Receiving this benefit can make a significant difference during these challenging times.”

For further information and access to a user-friendly calculator, please visit: [website link]

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