Councillors to discuss future plans for Sale Moor and Hale village

Councillors are meeting to discuss plans for the future development of Sale Moor and Hale village centres.

The Executive will meet on November 27 to approve the Sale Moor and Hale Plans that have been produced to take a strategic look at both villages to identify improvements to benefit the local communities.

The Sale Moor and Hale Place Plans, produced by Nexus Planning, have been compiled following extensive consultation with local residents and businesses to ensure both centres meet their full potential and continue to meet local needs.

The Plans will be a valuable tool in in securing external resources for both villages when appropriate funding becomes available.

Councillor Liz Patel, Executive Member for Economy and Regeneration, said: “Our village centres in Hale and Sale Moor are really important to residents and local businesses and play an important role in community life. The Place Plans for both areas give us an understanding into how they can be shaped in a way that meets the needs of residents and businesses now and in the future.”



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