Constructing the future Bury in the coming decade and beyond

Business leaders, investors, and stakeholders gathered to witness the transformation that awaits the borough of Bury in the coming years and beyond. The inaugural Bury Regeneration Expo, hosted in Ramsbottom, featured notable speakers including Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham. Bury Council, in collaboration with the Greater Manchester Business Growth Hub, organized the event to showcase the groundbreaking developments that will shape the future of our borough.

During the Expo, Councillor Eamonn O’Brien, leader of Bury Council, took the opportunity to unveil Bury’s new Economic Development Strategy. This strategy outlines Bury’s aspirations for enhancing the Place, the People, and the Economy of the borough. Joint Venture partners and regeneration developers in attendance had the chance to learn about these transformative plans, which will ensure Bury’s prosperity and highlight the pivotal role of businesses in turning aspirations into tangible realities.

Cllr O’Brien emphasized the significance of this moment for the area, stating, “There are defining moments for every region, and this is undoubtedly one of them. Our previous major development, The Rock in Bury town centre, opened its doors in 2010. However, since then, our economy has stagnated, and investment has suffered. Nonetheless, we are now witnessing a radical change in our growth prospects due to our visionary approach, collaborative partnerships, and successful attraction of investment. The plans and projections demonstrate that Bury is once again becoming a thriving hub.”

He continued, “This endeavor is not merely about numbers or constructing for the sake of it. It involves long-term planning, bringing together our refreshed strategies on housing, economic development, culture, and transport. We also have further plans regarding social value and skills. By doing so, we can connect our people with opportunities and transform Bury into a place where everyone can partake in its success.”

The meeting shed light on major developments set to take place in the borough, including the £40 million civic hub in Radcliffe, the revitalization of the Longfield Centre in Prestwich, the redevelopment of the Mill Gate shopping centre, and the modernization of the transport interchange in Bury.

Another focal point of the gathering was the Northern Gateway/Atom Valley initiative, which forms part of the wider Mayoral development zone. This initiative, involving Bury, Rochdale, and Oldham councils, the GMCA, and Joint Venture partners Harworth and Russells, has the potential to bring thousands of high-quality jobs to the area as a significant regional and national hub. The vast 17 million sq ft site located along the M62 corridor holds immense promise.

Cllr O’Brien emphasized the importance of partnerships in realizing these developments, stating, “Over the past few years, Bury has successfully fostered vital relationships with key partners. This includes joint ventures with Bruntwood in Bury and Muse in Prestwich, collaboration with the High Streets Taskforce in Whitefield, and partnerships with Vinci and Watson Homes in Radcliffe. These alliances will facilitate more efficient and expedited delivery, instilling confidence that our plans will come to fruition.”

He concluded, “Our shared vision is to cultivate a sustainable, competitive, inclusive, and resilient local economy. This year marks a significant milestone for Bury as the bulldozers and cranes finally start their work, making our dreams a tangible reality.”

Press release issued: 7 February 2024.

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