Cheering on triumph as 500 fresh saplings take root throughout the borough of Rochdale

Thanks to the generous donation of 472 trees from City of Trees – Greater Manchester’s community forest, exciting work is about to begin. The Northern Forest funding programme will fund the planting of large standard trees in various selected sites, making this the largest number of semi-mature trees to be planted in a single season. The council will also contribute additional trees to expand the tree canopy.

In Middleton, a total of 118 trees will be planted in several locations including Penrhyn Park, St Leonard’s, Cheltenham Green, Buttermere Drive, Mere Avenue, Mainway, and the Langley Corridor.

Across the Pennines, 149 trees will find their new home at Beadle Avenue, Stubley Mill Road, Barnes Meadow, Halliwell Street, and Elizabethan Way.

Heywood will welcome 97 trees at Higher Lomax Lane, Cherwell Avenue, Wilton Grove, Greenfield Court, Waterfold Lane, Argyle Street, and Sutherland Road.

Rochdale will benefit from 108 trees at Ashfield Valley, Waithlands Road, Ings Lane Library, Ings Lane Play area, Petrus, and Denehurst Park. This includes the planting of 5 mixed fruit trees.

Expanding the tree canopy in urban areas not only enhances the appearance of the surroundings but also offers numerous benefits. It provides shade, supports biodiversity, regulates temperatures, intercepts rainfall, and contributes to air purification by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen. This plays a crucial role in improving air quality.

Councillor Liam O’Rourke, the council’s cabinet member for climate change and environment, expressed his excitement about the new trees, stating that they not only enhance the landscape but also play a vital role in improving air quality. The council is committed to increasing tree coverage as part of their efforts to achieve net-zero carbon targets by 2038 and beyond.

In addition to the large trees, City of Trees will also be planting thousands of smaller trees (whips) as part of their woodland creation work in Rochdale. They will be organizing volunteering days and inviting residents to join them in this important endeavor.

Pete Stringer from City of Trees expressed their pride in being a part of Greater Manchester and their commitment to making the region greener and better, one tree at a time. They are excited to work with Rochdale to create a more sustainable and healthier environment, and they encourage residents to participate in the volunteer days and witness the growth of these trees for the benefit of future generations.

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