Bury District’s Proactive Strategy Yields Impressive Results in Combating Organized Crime

Since its launch in May 2023, Bury district’s Operation Revoke “Clear, Hold, Build” strategy has been widely hailed as a resounding success. It has become deeply ingrained within the town and continues to yield impressive results.

The decision to focus on the Moorside area was a direct consequence of ongoing proactive efforts. This location was chosen due to the presence of three well-established Organised Crime Gangs involved in drug supply and criminal exploitation. Through the team’s diligent work to disrupt these groups, the threat they pose to the community has significantly diminished, prompting the need for updated mapping to reflect this positive development.

The primary objective of Operation Revoke is to vigorously pursue organized crime, aligning with the Home Office’s principles. In the case of the Moorside area, this involves clearing the area of criminal activity, maintaining a strong presence to deter further illicit actions, and collaborating with the community to foster resilience and safety, ultimately leading to prosperity.

As the six-month milestone approaches in November 2023, the dedicated Operation Revoke team, backed by Operation Challenger, the Serious Organised Crime Department, and the North West Regional Organised Crime Unit, has made substantial headway in dismantling the organized gangs operating in the area.

The commitment of officers to rid the streets of criminality is evidenced by remarkable figures, with over 100 arrests made in the past two weeks alone. Collaborative efforts have also resulted in numerous multi-agency operations targeting “high-harm locations” and addressing the evident signs of serious organized crime in the area.

To date, the achievements include:

Arrests: 109
Warrants/Searches: 53
Vehicles Seized: 45
Drug Seizures: The street value of £1.7 million
Cash Seizures: £102,000

Furthermore, intelligence-driven and targeted activities have led to charges being brought for serious offenses, with several trials scheduled for the near future. For instance, in August, a male found in possession of a substantial amount of cocaine during a stop-and-search received a six-year sentence for possession with intent to supply at Bolton Crown Court. This outcome was a direct result of Operation Revoke officers utilizing intelligence to target individuals involved in organized criminal activities.


In another example from November, a targeted stop-and-search of a vehicle in the Revoke operation area led to the arrest of the driver, who was found in possession of a significant quantity of Class A and B drugs. Subsequent house searches resulted in the recovery of a firearm, ammunition, other weapons, drugs, and £20,000 in cash.

The work of Operation Revoke has also focused on protecting victims of exploitation. Recently, the team encountered a boy who was known to the Bury Complex Safeguarding team and was found in the company of an older man believed to be involved in drug dealing. The Operation Revoke team promptly arrested the individual for possession of Class A drugs, while ensuring the safety of the boy in collaboration with partners. The offender now faces charges related to drug offenses.

The community’s feedback has overwhelmingly been positive, with the public and key partners expressing support for the work of Greater Manchester Police (GMP) and actively contributing to shaping the team’s activities.

Work on Operation Revoke remains ongoing and steadfast as it progresses towards the “Hold” phase of the nationally adopted strategy. The operation is transitioning towards a more partner-oriented approach, with several more arrests and disruptive actions planned in the upcoming weeks.


Op Revoke six months on Smashing targets and keeping Bury safe


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