Bruntwood and Bury Council launches Mill Gate consultation as part of Bury Masterplan Vision

Bury Council and Bruntwood have launched the public consultation period for the Mill Gate shopping centre to help inform the creation of a Regeneration Framework (RF).

As part of this, the joint venture is inviting members of the Bury community and surrounding areas to join its consultation events to discuss the plans and see how they will fit into the wider town centre masterplan. A draft proposal for the Mill Gate transformation plan will be showcased at two events, which will take place at the shopping centre from 10am – 4pm on Saturday 25th November 2023 and Saturday 6th January 2024.

The community will be given the opportunity to meet with representatives from Bruntwood, Bury Council and the Mill Gate, ask questions about the plans and see how the development will create new jobs, deliver new homes, provide high quality public spaces and improve connectivity, alongside refreshing the Mill Gate shopping centre as a leading retail destination within Greater Manchester for the benefit of existing and future communities around Bury.The proposed seven figure regeneration scheme includes the significant redevelopment of the shopping centre and the surrounding areas, as well as enhancing the existing make-up of the town centre.

Spanning 15 acres, the regeneration plans are set to transform the area into a vibrant and dynamic mixed-use community hub, incorporating retail, leisure, hospitality and housing, with sustainability, education and wellness at its heart. It will also provide workspace facilities directly to the high street.

The scheme also seeks to enhance the surrounding environment to support Bury Market’s long-term success Bruntwood has a strong track record of town centre regeneration. Its purpose of ‘creating thriving cities’ recognises the need for continuous investment in the town centres that surround them to help each other succeed. The focus of Bruntwood’s work around reviving town centres is ensuring social, economic and environmental sustainability and creating a space that is dynamic, inspirational and futureproof.

Chris Roberts, chief development officer at Bruntwood, said: “Throughout our consultation wewant to reassure Bury’s community the future of the Mill Gate will reflect its own unique town centre character as well as residents’ day to day needs and the visitor economy. Our commitment to transforming the wider Bury area goes beyond developing new housing, retail units and flexible workspace, but instilling a sense of community and creating opportunities through the places people live, work and socialise”.

Councillor Eamonn O’Brien, Leader of Bury Council, said “Acquiring the Mill Gate centre hasgiven us a tremendous opportunity, working with Bruntwood, to improve the town centre for decades to come. This complements our proposals to boost Bury Market with a new flexi-hall and the transformation of the adjacent transport interchange.

“Times change, as do people’s shopping habits, and we need to make these long-term plans to ensure the future prosperity of our town, generating jobs and investment, and creating places where people want to live.

“It’s essential that everyone in Bury can play their part in helping to shape these ambitious proposals, and I urge everyone to look at the options and have their say during this consultation period.”

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