Bolton’s Landscape to Flourish as Myriad of Trees to Be Planted

A new woodland spanning approximately five hectares (12 acres) is set to be established, with the planting initiative led by City of Trees, Bolton Council, and volunteers.

Since 2022, over 3,550 small trees and 135 larger trees have already been planted.

The community forest for Greater Manchester, City of Trees, will play a significant role in the majority of the new planting, in collaboration with Bolton Council.

City of Trees is dedicated to planting and maintaining trees to create healthier, greener environments that enhance well-being, combat climate change, and promote biodiversity.

With such a substantial number of trees to be planted, the involvement of enthusiastic volunteers is crucial. Those interested in participating can visit the City of Trees website to learn about upcoming planting events.

Mr and Mrs Fairclough from Horwich have recently contributed to Bolton’s tree population by nurturing an oak sapling grown from an acorn originating from ancient trees at Blenheim Palace. The oldest tree in this lineage is estimated to be over 1000 years old. The oak sapling has been planted in Ridgmont Park, and the planting event was attended by cllr Richard Silvester, Bolton Council’s Executive Member for Climate Change and Environment.

This oak sapling will join the 92 larger trees being planted as part of the new plans.

Trees cover approximately 13% of Bolton, which is in line with the average for Greater Manchester and the national average, according to a report by Friends of the Earth.

However, the UK has one of the lowest levels of tree coverage in Europe.

Cllr Silvester expressed, “It is easy to overlook the significance of trees, but they truly are a natural marvel. They provide habitats for animals and insects, aid in combating climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and offer natural green spaces that have been proven to enhance people’s mood and well-being.

“We have collaborated closely with the exceptional team at City of Trees to plan our woodland creation, and Bolton is incredibly fortunate to have numerous dedicated local volunteers to assist with the planting.”

Beth Kelsall, Delivery Manager at City of Trees, stated:

“We are thrilled to be working throughout Bolton to plant trees that will bring numerous benefits to residents and wildlife. We encourage residents to join us on our planting days, whether it be for an hour or the entire day, to plant a tree that they can witness grow over the years.

“All necessary equipment will be provided – all that is required is appropriate clothing for the weather and the knowledge that you are making a positive contribution to the environment!”

The following locations are scheduled to receive new trees and woodland:

  • Somerton Road green spaces
  • Singing Clough
  • Hulton Lane playing fields
  • New House Farm playing fields
  • Bradshaw Valley local nature reserve
  • Wigan Road green space
  • Dovedale Road green space
  • Manchester Road park
  • Ridgmont park
  • Eagley Valley local nature reserve
  • Leverhulme park

To learn more about tree planting in Bolton with City of Trees and to sign up, please visit the City of Trees website.

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