Bolton and Paderborn unite in a captivating art exhibition

Lines in the Sand brings together a group of talented artists from Bolton and Paderborn, our twin town in Germany.

Our German counterparts will be making the journey to Bolton for a special event to celebrate the opening of the exhibition.

The exhibition, organized by the Standard Collective, a group of former students and tutors from the University of Bolton, showcases their seventh group show.

Featuring a diverse range of artistic styles and subjects, the exhibition explores everything from the ordinary to the extraordinary.

One notable artwork, Riemekepark, 2023, is constructed from the fragments of roof tiles and other debris left behind by the devastating tornado Emmelinde that struck Paderborn on 20 May 2022.

The artist, Olav Schiedel, vividly remembers the chaos that ensued after the storm, with shattered roof tiles littering the streets, fallen trees blocking pathways, and shattered windows.

Among the local artists participating in the exhibition are Liam Ainscough, Rob Gittins, Andy Smith, Alison Timmins, Denis Whiteside, and John Wineyard.

Representing Paderborn’s contemporary art scene are Svenja Langer, Wolfgang Safer, Mona Schäfer, Olav Schiedel, and Simone Schindler-Wieners.

Cllr Nadeem Ayub, Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Culture, expressed his enthusiasm for the artistic collaboration, stating, “It’s wonderful to see this artistic partnership with our friends from our twin town, Paderborn, who are hundreds of miles away. I’m excited to witness the incredible work of these artists, especially those who have connections to the University of Bolton.”

“Exhibitions like this enrich the cultural landscape of our town and offer something fresh, educational, and exciting for our residents and visitors,” added Cllr Ayub.

The exhibition will be on display at Bolton Museum from Saturday 17 February to Sunday 31 March.

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