Assisting individuals with learning disabilities in maintaining their welfare

People with a learning disability in Bury are more likely to suffer from poor mental wellbeing compared to the general population. To address this issue, partners in Bury have created two videos aimed at raising awareness among individuals with learning disabilities, as well as carers, support workers, and others. The videos aim to provide support and guidance on improving mental wellbeing for those with learning disabilities, as well as offering advice to carers and support workers on how they can help improve someone’s mental health.

Studies have shown that there are 5 steps that can be taken to improve mental health and wellbeing: connecting with others, staying physically active, learning new skills, being kind and giving to others, and practicing mindfulness.

Councillor Tamoor Tariq, Cabinet Member for Adult Care, Health and Wellbeing, highlighted the importance of supporting individuals with learning disabilities in managing their mental wellbeing. He stressed that people with learning disabilities experience the same emotions as everyone else but may face discrimination that impacts their wellbeing. The videos aim to empower individuals to take care of their mental health and provide guidance to carers and support workers on how they can offer assistance.

The videos have been created in collaboration with the NHS, Bury Council’s Public Health team, and The Bury People First Group, with funding from NHS Greater Manchester ICB. They can be accessed along with additional advice and support at the following link: [Mental wellbeing for People with a Learning Disability | The Bury Directory](https://theburydirectory.co.uk/mental-wellbeing-LD).

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