2024 Youth Parliament Elections: Cast your vote today!

In a bid to ensure that the voices of young people in Bolton are heard, the town is currently in the midst of selecting its new Youth MPs. The voting process, which began on Monday 29 January and will continue until Monday 4 March, will determine the two candidates who will represent Bolton’s young population.

Being elected as a Member of Youth Parliament is no small feat. These individuals will have the opportunity to engage with Members of Parliament and local councillors, as well as organize events, run campaigns, deliver speeches, hold debates, and most importantly, ensure that the opinions and concerns of young people are taken into account by decision makers.

This year, the town has witnessed the participation of 10 impressive Youth MP candidates, all of whom have gained a deep understanding of local democracy and the responsibilities that come with being a Youth MP. To learn more about these candidates and their pledges, a campaign video has been released for public viewing.

Expressing his support for the Youth Parliament, Cllr Martin Donaghy, Bolton Council’s Executive Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, emphasized the significance of allowing young individuals to have a say in matters that directly affect them. He also urged young people across the borough to familiarize themselves with the candidates’ manifestos and exercise their right to vote.

In addition to choosing their new Youth MP, young people in Bolton also have the opportunity to select a topic they are most passionate about through the Make Your Mark consultation. To cast their votes and participate in this democratic process, individuals can visit before Monday 4 March 2024.

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