140 Years Jail For Multi-Million Drug Group

A serious organized crime group that are nine men and four women were jailed 140 years after an ongoing investigation on 3million’s worth of trafficking.

Including heroin and cocaine, more than 60 kilos of class A drugs, a hydraulic press, a handgun, £300,000, and other evidence of the crime were found by Greater Manchester police as a part of the investigation.

The members of the crime group were jailed for a total of 140 years. The policemen said that a well-known beauty business in Bury that is ‘The Beauty Booth’ was the place where the money exchanges were operated.

GMP shared the list of some crime group members that were sentenced most because of operating drug trafficking.

  • Abia Din (05/04/1975) of Woodman Drive, Bury – 18 years
  • Shazia Din (25/10/1977) of The Drive, Bury – 15 years
  • Hassan Din (12/01/1999) of The Drive, Bury – 14 years
  • Lee Davis (21/05/1981) of Polefield Hall Road, Prestwich – nine years
  • Mark Bird (20/10/1986) of Stonegate Mews, Doncaster – seven years
  • Graham Towriss (06/07/1992) of Hartford Avenue, Heywood – six years
  • Natalie Wrafter (14/11/1962) of Harewood Avenue, Doncaster – 11 years and three months
  • Adam Hopewell (01/04/1988) of Whitcomb Drive, Rossington – nine years and six months

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